Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Buchla Gating Matrix Model 312

After all this time reading about Buchla modules and the history of Don Buchla and his company Buchla&Associates there are still some modules I have never seen or heard of.
Like the Buchla Gating Matrix Model 312 from the Buchla 300.

Rick from The Electric Music Box posted the discription from the Buchla 300 brochure:

Used in conjunction with two model 292 quad lopass gates to implement digital
control over audio signal routing. Eight inputs and 8 outputs are provided; a
display matrix indicates status. Occupies one panel unit

I would put it in my rack just because it looks so beautiful.

New Serge at ELAK/Vienna

A few days ago a friend of mine called me, to tell me that ELAK the univesity for elektronic music and digital media in Vienna has recently acquired a Serge panel, namely the Animal from Sound Transform Systems.

So we went there to check out the Serge and the rest of there amazing studio facilitys and synth
collection including a recently restored Arp 2600 with it's original keyboard, a nice Roland 100 system and a new Cwejman S-1. What a wonderfull experience. And because Rex only send them ten banana patch cords I gave them one of mine. Let's see what they can do with eleven patch cords.

Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Mark Verbos 262v

Mark Verbos the man behind Verbos & Associates and the Blog Buchla Tech released a new oscillator for the Buchla system. The 262v Harmonic Oscillator.
From Buchla Tech:
The analog oscillator core puts out saw, square, triangle, and spike (208 style). The waveshaper puts out 10 decent quality sine waves. The voltage controlled mixer has sliders and CV ins for all channels as well as scanning circuitry (sort of freq. and bandwidth for the harmonics) and tilt (to favor the high harmonics or the low harmonics from voltage)

 The 262v looks amazing and it's nice to see a new analogue oscillator for the Buchla system (appart from the 258v and the ZOe of which only a handfull are actually in the hands of costumers).