Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Buchla 249e Dual Arbitrary Function Generator

Before the Buchla 250e there was the 249e. But because of it's complexity Buchla decided to take it
out of production and replace it if the more straight forward 250e. What has happend to the 259e could now happen to the 249e as well. On Muff's rumors are spreading that Buchla might do another run of this module if enough people are willing to buy one. Mh we will see. Until than there is a used one for sale at Muff's. Go get it!!! ( If you have the money that is.)

This Buchla 249e module is in pristine cosmetic and operational shape. I am the original owner. This is pre v30 and comes with original documentation and firmware card.

Paypal is the way to go. Free shipping in the US (lower 48).

Please PM me if you are interested. All best wishes, Todd

249e $4,650 

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