Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

Mod your Skylab!!!

Djangosfire made some really nice mods for his Skylabcase. And walks us through his thought process on muffs. Thank you. Will have to do this as well when my Skylab arrives which is roughly three weeks from now.

from muff's:

Rather than building a stand alone "format jumbler" style jack converter...or losing a module space for a helper panel - I came up with a simple solution for my Skylab: modify one of the small back plates on the cabinet into a "Mult Plate"

Not much room on the little panel, but I was able to get 3 sections: 2x that had Tini-Jax, 1/4 & Banana and 1x with Tini-Jax to Banana.

Right off the bat this panel allows easy and clean interface with a Kenton Pro Solo II that i just picked up.

While I was at it - I also added 1/4 outs to the other backplate... which are tied direct with the 206e L & R main outs.... and added 1x more Tini-Jax to Banana converter smile

A few other ideas I'm considering that could be built into these little plates: 

- simple attenuator
- glide/slew
- break out connector to power a "satellite" module box
- ???

Here are some pictures of the work - Cheers - Adam


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