Freitag, 19. April 2013

New Module Modules by Sputnik

Sputnik (Roman. F) has released two new modules for the Module Module format by Eardrill.

The one that is brand new is the Envelope Follower that is in fact just one channel of the old Buchla 230 Tripple Envelope Follower and is therefore ideal for a small system.

The second one is the singel Module Module of the timbre cercuit that can be found in the original 259. Perfect perfect companion for a 258 or 258v. But I am realy looking forward to use it with my 259e because sometimes I just want it to sound more analogue. I think the Timbre Module will deliver. This is the second batch as the first one sold out really quickly.

From muff's:

$320 each, preorder is $100 and shipping is $15
preorder is till may 10th, then add 4 weeks for the production.
paypal is, please add 4% or use personal
thank you

ps: the EF prototype-unit on the foto has unscratched metalfoto panel and ready to go with a 10% discount

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