Freitag, 12. April 2013

Buchla 300 - The Electric Music Box (1980)

Rick who is an expert in restoring old analogue synths, and who has worked on all the old Buchla instruments gives us another insight into the amazing history of the instruments Don Buchla has created over the last dacades.

from muff's:

found this photo from 2007 in a folder on my drive.. was the patch i used to record this piece:
note: configuration has been changed slightly since this photo, now one of 2 original 288s occupies the space to the left of the System Interface.

...its hard to see in this pic but its a hybrid system consisting of 28! Oscillators, Freq Shifter/Bal modulator, 2 Spectral Processors, 16 Lopass Gates, 8 Envelopes, Source of Uncertainty, Voltage Processors, Mixer/preamp, Triple Envelope Follower, System Interface, Time Domain Processor and touchplate. the 300 cpu handles all the sequencing and further voltage processing, multistage complex envelopes.

Q: whats the module left to the system interface?

...its the 298 Silicon cello/sax.. a recreation of the circuit stuffed in the silicon cello... a few were made in 2002 (by me) at the same time as the original run of barberpole modules.


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