Freitag, 12. April 2013

Rare original 200 modules for sale on ebay!!!

That's not happening everyday. Not one but six original Buchla 200 modules have surfaced today on ebay, including two of the most hard to find modules. The 237 Polyphonic Keyboard Module and the 204 Quad Spatial Director. If you have the funds, go get them as this is a once in your lifetime opportunity.

284 Quad Voltage-Controlled Envelope Generator Model:

Adds voltage control and variable delay and duration times to the capabilities of the Model 280 (Four independent envelope generators with variable attack and decay times (range is .001 to 10 seconds) and a choice of sustained or transient operation. Input pulses initiate envelopes and optionally control duration time; output pulses, activated at end of decay, are particularly useful for advancing sequencers or looping to inputs to generate repetitive functions.).
All times are internally variable from .002 to 10 seconds; control voltages may be used to extend this range and control overall time while preserving envelope shape. 

237 Polyphonic Keyboard Module:

This keyboard provides the musician with the means to achieve direct expressive control of the Electric Music Box's many voltage-controlled parameters.
Model 237 has 37 keys (3 octave) and 3 voice polyphonic outputs; built-in processor allows polyphonic output voltages to be transposed or modulated by applied signals and control voltages.
Model features velocity and pressure outputs. Velocity output voltages are proportional to initial striking force; pressure outputs are actuated by applying pressure at bottom of key travel.
Key voltage outputs are equal interval -- any equal-tempered scale may be readily tuned with the processing and offset controls built into Electric Music Box oscillators.


204 Quad Spatial Director:

Voltage controlled quadraphonic distributor for determining the spatial location of sounds with pan pots or externally applied voltages. Monitor switches and voltage controlled attenuators are included.
The 204s features include:
4 electronically isolated 2-dimensional joysticks with output voltages proportional to lateral and vertical displacement. Generally used to control sound location, but may be used to control other parameters. 4 gain controls for signals applied to inputs. Control voltages may alternatively be used to control amplitude.

Control voltage inputs for defining positions of sounds. Increasing voltages move sounds from rear to front and from left to right. Voltages are generally (but not necessarily) derived from adjacent joystick outputs.

Go to ebay to see the rest of the modules.

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