Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Buchla 158 Front Panel

I was always fascinated by the first system Buchla ever build, the Buchla 100. There have been a lot of DIY projects recently exploring the vaste amount of Buchla schemetics. And some people did  wonderful jobs cloning entire systems for themselves. As the 258 is alredy available from someone else I thought I make a panel for the 158 from the Buchla 100 and see where people take it from there. I loved the sound of it when Morton Subotnick brought his Buchla 100 system to Vienna that also included a 158. I went for the same font as on the Eardrill modules which is extremly close to the font on the 200e panels as I thought that nowadays people will use it primarily with original Buchla 200e modules.So I hope they will be a very close match. The lines are a bit thicker than on Buchla 200e modules as I felt that the panel would otherwise look a bit empty. I put San Francisco Tape Music Center on it as a tribute to those times  I have no idea when I can make them available as I have a lot of other stuff going on but if you are interested in one send me mail (or pm on muff's) so I can roughly estimate how many I should order. If you are looking for some sounds of the original check out monopoly's blog: The panel is not finished yet.

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