Sonntag, 18. März 2012

The knob of insanity

A while back I wanted too buy a 294 Infinite Phase Shifter. As it is not part of the "e" series I wanted to use the old red and blue Rogen knobs for it. At that time I took part in a group buy for the small blue unskirted Rogan Knobs. So after scoring those I was trying to find the big red knob which is also used on the 218. I knew that this specific knob is as rare as hen's teeth. So I asked around for quite a while and already wanted too give up when I found a guy who was willing to sell one to me.
As I feard that he might back out I offerd him a crazy amount of money for it. And he gladly took it (who wouldn`t).  Till that day my girlfriend still shakes her head in disbelief. So what. Even if I will never use it, it's an wonderful piece of plastic.

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