Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Morton Subotnik's Sidewinder

 My favorite pice of music by Morton Subotnik. I actually met him in person about one year ago when he performed in Vienna and also gave a lecture, explaining his old Buchla 100 system he brought with him. He also talked about his involvment with the first modular that Don Buchla build for him and about the time when he and Ramon Sender founded the The San Francisco Tape Music Center in 1962.

He also brought his 200e with him (he told me that it was actually a loan from Don Buchla) and I talked with him, about which of the oscillators I should get first. It was interesting to see that he had two 292e in a twelve spacer. Interesting choice indeed.
What a nice evening and what a nice person. A true music legend. 

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